Do Men Care If Women Have Kids? Single Motherhood From A Mans By Joe Duncan Moments

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I have always loved kids, and they have always loved me. Strangers’ toddlers wander over to me, hands outstretched, eyes wide. At family parties, I still prefer sitting at the kid table. So dating a guy with a kid didn’t seem like that big a deal to me, especially since I already had a kid of my own. Literally not even one tiny smidge of me worried about not getting along with his kid.

You can also use the online website or the dating app if you’re on the go. Wondering how to date in the modern world when you know you don’t want kids? Here are a few childfree dating apps and website to check out. To arrive at a decision that sets you up for relationship success, spend some time honestly analyzing what you want from a relationship and whether you want kids in your life. The warnings that you’ve heard about dating people with kids are based on real-life experiences.

There are no two ways about it, if you want to date someone with kids, you’re going to have to like children. With kids in the mix, he/she will need time to plan, and springing it on them at the last minute will invoke feelings of panic rather than pleasure. It’s a nerve-wracking moment all around – you want to make a good impression, whilst the kids are curious to see who mom or dad has been hanging out with.

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Any adult dating someone with kids can expect to zip from mood to mood like a manic hummingbird with zero warning of what emotion is coming next. And one of those moods might involve some not-so-nice thoughts aimed toward your partner’s kids. Which, just like the not-so-nice feelings your partner’s kids’ have toward you, is totally normal and very common.

The only two people who determine the future of this relationship are you and your partner. Dating someone with kids can feel a lot like dating by committee. However, your partner also needs to stress that you’re not going anywhere and that you’re important to them, and insist the kids treat you with respect if nothing else. This ebook can help guide that conversation.


Whatever their ages and reactions, children need time to sort out their emotions. Even so, dating a woman with children can lead to a fulfilling relationship. You’ve met someone who excites you, but then you learn that she has children. Feeling concerned about this situation is normal. To avoid this future resentment, she advises couples to talk explicitly about their non-negotiables early on in the relationship. Then, some compromises can be made on both sides.

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Having kids wouldn’t suit my lifestyle or personality type. Plus climate change is happening and will likely continue to get worse. Basically every reason not to resonates with me so I didn’t list them all just my top ones. With children around, there will be times when the little ones will need their parent’s attention right when you are getting some action in the bedroom. You may feel frustrated, but do not give up easily.

If a mate expressly indicates they don’t want kids, but it’s because there’s not enough money, maybe there are ways to generate more income. Why aren’t children more supportive of their parents wanting a little love later in life? Before you even think about introducing your children to your new boyfriend, you need to have been dating for at least six months. Didn’t your last relationship end in divorce? You don’t want that to happen again and you certainly don’t want your children to go through that again.

You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. No matter how dashing and wonderful you are, the kids will always come first. That means you need to be understanding when your date goes into another room to call and check on the kids. Hack Spirit is one of the leading authorities providing practical and accessible relationship advice.

We would still be apart even if I never met So and So. Third, this is someone who is making me really really happy. He is kind and good and he loves me, and I love him.

Whether the father is a widower, a divorcee, or a parent out of wedlock, know that he’s most likely in a period of mourning for his previous relationship. Be willing to listen to your partner’s complaints about parenting challenges. She likely needs to vent and will appreciate your empathy and understanding. If you’ve ever been dragged into dating games with other partners, you might have picked up some bad habits. Dating a woman with a child from a previous relationship makes you the “newbie” in an established family.

If it doesn’t by the time I’m 40 we will adopt…maybe. They are only relevant to my generation onwards (I’m old.) Up to the 60s, this question never arose, because if you married and had sex, you were going to have children, if you were both fertile. But, of course, those were also the days when you didn’t have your children underfoot all day. Today’s American culture of child raising would definitely have made me not want children either, and “the pill” was JUST becoming available as I was almost grown. There is not a single thing in my life that would improve by having kids. No hate, but the decision to have a child makes no sense to me.

If he’s a single father, he’s likely dating because he’s looking for “the one.” If you’re just trying to casually date around and keep things relaxed, he’s unlikely to be on board. Things may work out for a little while, but your wants not matching up with his needs can lead to conflict and heartbreak. Single and divorced parents aren’t there to give you a ready-made family.

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